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Launch apps and acquire users in China

The market is lucrative, while the road to a successful app in China is anything but easy. Mobile ecosystem difference, government regulation difference, user behavior difference, cultural difference and so on… App CN is here to provide one-stop solution to effectively launch your app, acquire users and monetize your traffic in China! And, the best side of the story is… both iOS and Android are included!



App launch onto the top Chinese Android Stores with the reach of the whole market. We take the hassles and bureaucracies of the tens of stores and You take the USERS! Google Play is absent in China but we will combine the separate and independent local Android app stores and make up a Google Play for you.


Is your app pirated in China and generating revenue for others? Claim it back! Software Copyright Certificate from Copyright Center of China protects your IP on all channels.


In China, you mainly get users from pre-install traffic, organic and non-organic traffic in app stores, news feeds, popular apps, SEM and ad platforms. We know who have traffic, who have the best quality users, what is the most economic way to acquire users etc. We acquire you the users you want: KPI, ROI, Retention, re-call, in-app purchase, specific target… you name it


Plan big in China? A Chinese legal entity for your own company can help you reach further and build a strong physical stand in China. We can help you set up the right type of company with the minimu cost and in a shortest time possible.


Rock revenue from your users! We provide various ways to monetize your users: ads, subscriptions, in app purchases, etc. A pyramid of monetization model to get most out of your users.


  • Alipay Integration
  • Wechatpay Integration
  • Localization
  • ASO
  • ICP

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