User acquisition is expensive usually, while ASO can drive lots of organic or semi-organic downloads for free! What are the ASO rules on these Android app stores in China? The answer is very similar to the rules on Apple.

Ten years ago, the biggest five phone manufactures in the world are Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG and Sony. None of them is Chinese brand. Now, ten years later, the biggest five phone manufactures in the world are Samsung, Huawei, iphone, Xiaomi, OPPO. Four of them are Chinese brand. In ten years, Chinese phone brands raise from minnows to icons. Same in the domestic market, ten years ago, almost all Chinese use foreign phone brands; today, most Chinese use local phones.

In many ways, Chinese mobile Internet industry is a sort of parallel universe from the rest of the world, developed behind “the Great Firewall” and tailored for Chinese consumers. Born in a fast growing economy and under the governments safe haven, the Chinese apps are much luckier than their counterparts in most other countries since they don’t have the fierce competition from Google, Facebook……

After time-consuming and efforts-taking development, marketing and optimization, your Android app finally got success in China and acquired millions of users. What should you do next? How to monetize these users and earn money into your bank account? The answer is the same as other parts of the planet: advertisement

The ecosystem of Chinese Android app stores is far more complicated and dynamic than the western one. Today, we are not going to talk about all the 200 or so Android app stores in China, but only the tops, which are the prime choices of most people when they are going to download apps.

The ios distribution and promotion flow in China works in the same or similar way it does outside of China; the Android, however, is a totally different story, considering there are over 200 app stores, a.k.a distribution platform.

Mobile is on pace to become the leading ad spending channel in China, According to eMarketer’s latest forecast, by 2021, almost 60% of total media ad expenditures and close to 82% of digital ad spending will be dedicated to mobile.

Chinese mobile marketing industry is part of China’s explosive economic growth. Indeed, China is an extremely important market for app developers and marketers, presenting vast opportunities but also challenges that are unique to this special market. And we strongly believe that the opportunities significantly outweigh the challenges.

“Video is KING” in today’s advertising industry. As an advertiser, have you ever wondered why your video creatives are no longer delicious?

LighTVC and NativeV are two video ad optimization solutions from ByteDance, cooperated with Admaster, Nelson, and Qinghua University. According to ByteDance’s data, the video ads optimized by LighTVC and NativeV have 20% more conversion than original video ads, and user retention, brand loyalty, purchase rate improved as well.