ASO in Android app stores in CN

JULY 9, 2019

80% of the 800 million mobile users in China are Android users. However, due to the fragmentation and complicity of the Android market in China, most app or game owners turn their heads away from the market despite the fact that it is also very juicy and full of opportunities.

User acquisition is expensive usually, while ASO can drive lots of organic or semi-organic downloads for free! What are the ASO rules on these Android app stores in China? The answer is very similar to the rules on Apple.

1. App Name

App name should be short and deliver the message app owners intend. Don’t add unnecessary words or sentences, they look really bad and also, the Android app stores might not approve the app. App name is the most important element in ASO for Android stores.

2. Keywords, title, and sub-title

Think about what words users will use to search for your app or game. If you don’t know, have a look at your competitors. The words in keywords, title and sub-titles shouldn’t repeat each other because the algorithm only takes each of them once and it’s also a waste of the limited space for searchable words if you repeat. Keywords, title, and sub-title are the main area where you can place your keywords. When some of the keywords approach good ranking, you can exchange other keywords here so that more keywords will be exposed.

3. App description

Successful app description should be local, short, readable and meaning-bearing. First three lines are suggested to be summery of the app and convey the users to download the app. The rest description would look great if the texts are in an easy structure and the keywords of each structure or function emphasized. The core keywords are suggested to appear 10 times in app description. It’s also suggested to have contact info in the app description for the users to reach the app owner easier for whatever reason.

4. App Icon

A good app icon is able to tell the users what is the app about simply and clearly. The color of the icon shall be coherent with the main color of the app. The design of the app is suggested to be simple, not overloaded with details. And last, the icon should be adjustable to different sizes by the stores’ requirements to ensure the icon is high-resolution in every app store.

5. Screenshots and videos.

Attractive screenshots should be both local and international and most importantly, should clearly introduce the function of the app. The same applies to the video.

6. User review.

It was an important element. New users usually check the review before they download an app and it’s also a place where app owners can optimize their keywords. However, due to the abuse of user reviews in China, Android app stores nowadays don’t take it much into account.

7. App downloads

The more downloads you have, the more it helps to top the rank, especially the downloads in the last week. The importance of the downloads in the algorithm decrease as time of the specific download goes by.

8. User retention, user activeness, and social share

User retention, user activeness and social share show the users’ satisfaction with the product and these factors are difficult to be faked. The importance of these elements is keeping rising in the app stores.

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