Facts you may not know about Chinese Internet ecosystem

OCTOBER 11, 2018

Chinese mobile marketing industry is part of China’s explosive economic growth. Indeed, China is an extremely important market for app developers and marketers, presenting vast opportunities but also challenges that are unique to this special market. And we strongly believe that the opportunities significantly outweigh the challenges.

Internet penetration, mobile adoption, mobile connectivity, mobile payment and Internet giants are very obvious in China.

Internet penetration

The number of netizen in China is equivalent to the entire population of Europe: 751 million! As of June 2017, the penetration rate hit 54.3%, which was 3.5 higher than the global average, and 7.9% more than the Asian average.

Mobile Internet users and mobile connectivity

Among all the Internet users, 724 million users adopt to Mobile, which represents no less than 96.3% of the Internet users in the country. China’s mobile infrastructure is vastly improving, however, due to several reasons, the cost of data is still relative expansive in the country. As a result, there is a high rate of WIFI connections.

Mobile Payment

China is one of the most developed countries in Mobile payment. In China, smartphones are like wallets: from street food owners selling their food with mobile payment to receive money to company paying their employees with mobile payment, from paying your household bills with mobile payment to asking for nationwide donation with mobile payment, etc. The clear leaders in mobile payment is, of course, Wechat Pay and Alipay.

Chinese Internet giants

Chinese Internet giants Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent(BAT) are also dominant with apps. In the top 20 most downloaded apps, all of them are owned or strategically invested by BAT. The most popular app is wechat in China owned by Tencent with 930 million MAUs! - including both desktop and mobile.

In a word, China has good internet infrastructure, huge internet users and relatively centralized traffic(in BAT), which is a good start point to get you succeed in China!