LighTVC and NativeV

February 21, 2021

LighTVC and NativeV are two video ad optimization solutions from ByteDance, cooperated with Admaster, Nelson, and Qinghua University. LighTVC specializes in expressing information in a short time, while NativeV is better for deepening native video ads’ content. Both of them are designed based on media attribution, campaign situation, ad format and idea nurturing. According to ByteDance’s data, the video ads optimized by LighTVC and NativeV have 20% more conversion than original video ads, and user retention, brand loyalty, purchase rate improved as well.

Now let’s have a closer look at LighTVC and NativeV.

NativeV: brand value and engaging stories

NativeV is also called native video feed ad. It suits those videos with attractive stories and brand values and works best for the combination of sight marketing with emotions. It is usually within 90 seconds and suggested for pure feed media, for instance, TikTok. NativeV is more of valuable content rather than ads. In the feed falls, the ad is not very obvious and users who click it are mainly attracted by the content so the conversion rate is better.

If you want to win by content, the video should have a good story, native and affective. The ideas should be novel, shootings dedicated and emotions strong. NativeV helps these pain points exactly. It optimize title and fonts, content and writing. The three golden rules by NativeV are:

•Catch users’ interest in 10 seconds by introducing characters and background

•Tell a good story with appealing plots and have echo with users

•Convey positive, optimistic values and encourage users to share

LighTVC: fast delivery of core information

Compare to NativeV, LighTVC has two main characters: short and straight-forward. It is usually 6-15 seconds and only used for convey core information. Due to these attributes, LighTVC can be used in almost any kind of feed and must have strong visual effect. LighTVC works for any types of advertisers, especially for e-commerce with rich content and fast iteration. It can convert pictures to videos swiftly and reduce the cost of making videos.

The below four points are extremely important in making a good LighTVC video:

•The first 3 seconds must catch users’s attention. Picture of celebrities, strong visual pictures, picture with big bold fonts and question marks can be a good start

•The picture must be neat and fresh. Anything else should be deleted

•Fonts should be big and content should convey core information

•Be clear of “what you want to sell”

LighTVC and NativeV are a zero to one leap for video ads industry in China. Information and ads videolization is an irreversible trend. As a member of the video ads industry, it is important for us to keep updated and be sensitive to the new trends and tools. And for sure, we need to try by ourselves and have a say!