Why are your video creatives no longer “delicious”

OCTOBER 11, 2020

“Video is KING” in today’s advertising industry. As an advertiser, have you ever wondered why your video creatives are no longer delicious?

The last years witnessed the rise of video consumption: from video websites constantly lead the entertainment trend, videolization of many mainstream media to the grow of TikTok, etc. More and more users turn their attention to the video platforms, therefore its marketing and advertising become a fierce battle land. The amazing power of live stream influencers selling products is a new shopping experience and trend in China. All of these help turn advertisers’ budget on video.

The transfer from banners to short videos is quite swift. Many advertisers don’t know how to adapt, or how to make popular video creatives continuously. Are you asking yourself the questions “why are my video creatives no longer delicious? How can I do it right?”

After making thousands of campaign videos ourselves and a fireside chat with senior product manager from top video platforms, we see the most common problems as below:

1. The same old ideas

Many native video ads don’t reach expectation mostly because the advertiser use the same old ideas and similar ad content. They don’t take the specialty of video ads into consideration. Many directly grab TVC creatives for videos platform. They don’t know that native feeds emphasize more on the match between user profile and ad content. If we use the same inflexible content, many targeted users will not click or convert due to the plain content. Another important point, TVC is created for big screens like TV, but nowadays people use small screens like smart phone more. The fonts on these two different screenshot should also be adjusted accordingly, otherwise the user experience will be terrible. In a word, when we make video creatives, both content and idea should be up to date. Titles, plot, sound, color, character count, of course.

2. Bind by “how things used to be”

In our stereotype, video ads are similar to TVC and mini movie. It takes months of efforts to design, shoot, cut and publish. This thought make advertisers believe that it takes a long time and a lot of budget to create videos. However, video ads are “fast consumption”. We do can take lots of time and efforts to make a great video. We can also try some “short, flat and fast” video to show what we mean to. Sometimes, a few hours can make an awesome video. For example, a tour booking company made a great video ad by using a few high quality pictures plus some animated characters.

3. Be a lonely knight

Most advertisers only take previous ad performance and their own experiences into making videos. It might work, but in such a fast changing video campaign field, it is still a bit slow. So what should we do and who we can turn for help? In this case, previous and current data from media companies can give us a much bigger sample to get a sharp insight about the current user target, user profile and campaign optimizations. These data can help us in three ways: valuable suggestions on video ideas, reduce the campaign launch cost; find the right users and creatives fast; optimize campaigns more effectively with the real time campaign data.

So, how to optimize our video creatives? We will talk about it in our next blog. See you there.